Types Of Investments

Here are the main types of investments

Comparison Of Mutual Funds and Segregated Funds

Item Mutual Funds Segregated Funds
professional management yes yes
small ongoing investments (e.g., $25) yes yes
regular reporting yes yes
diversification yes yes
RRSP eligible yes yes
automatic reinvestment of distributions (interest, dividends, capital gains) yes yes
option to transfer between funds (a disposition) yes yes
maturity guarantee no yes
death benefit guarantee no yes
creditor protection no yes
disability waiver no yes (optional)
bypass probate no yes
bankruptcy protection no yes
reset option no yes
favorable tax treatment no yes (capital gains and losses flow to contractholders on an ongoing basis)
direct ownership in the fund yes no (notional)
allocations Net Asset Value unchanged (number of units increases) number of units unchanged (unit value increases)

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