Your Agent's Role

Your agent is the conduit between you (the applicant) and the insurance company. The agent is required to communicate accurately and truly, providing no misleading information.

When you have decided to buy a life insurance policy, here is your agent's role.

Application Process

  • help you fill the application for a policy completely, accurately
  • witness the signature(s) signature of applicant (and life insured, if 3rd party contract)
    • signature acknowledges that information in the application is true
  • collect the first premium if temporary insurance is issued
  • report on the applicant

Predelivery Process

  • confirm accuracy of the policy
  • confirm no material changes in insurability
    • else return policy to insurer

Delivery Process

  • agent reviews the policy contract with you (the policyowner)
    • your understanding reduces lapses and rescissions
  • agent witnesses your signature on the policy delivery receipt

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