Policy Application

The application for an insurance policy contract contains

The policy application may not be attached to the insurance contract. The policy contract takes precedence over the policy application.


It's essential that you answer questions honestly. There are requirements to have a valid insurance contract. It's important to avoid misrepresentation.

Items To Bring

When you're completing an application for insurance. Questions will vary based on the type of plan, and amount of coverage. Questions may vary by company. Your answers are confidential.

Here are typical questions.


You'll be asked for basics, such as

  • who you are: name, gender
  • where you live: home address, how long you've lived there
  • how to reach you: phone number, email address

Policy Ownership

Who owns the policy? Some plans continue beyond the death of the the owner(s). For instance, you may buy insurance on a child. In a case like this, you'll be asked who the new owner would be.

Which life or lives do you want to insure? Who gets the insurance proceeds (beneficiary)? If the beneficiaries are minors, who is the trustee?

Risk Assessment

You'll be asked about recent and upcoming foreign travel outside Canada and the US.

  • personal details
    • height, weight
    • smoking
    • drinking
    • drugs
    • driving
    • criminal offenses
    • hazardous sports (e.g., skydiving, mountain climbing, racing)

You'll be asked about your regular family doctor: name, address, phone number, date and reason for last visit. You'll also be asked about

  • family medical history
  • your personal medical history
  • your employment: what you do, where you work, how long you've been there, address, phone number
  • your income from work and other sources
  • your net worth
  • your other insurance
  • blank void cheque

Medical Tests

You may also be asked to undergo simple medical tests. These can often be arranged at your home at a time that's convenient for you. The insurance illustrations/projections show the basic requirements.


The insurer may request additional information during the underwriting process.

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