Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

The Guaranteed Income Supplement provides a tax-free monthly benefit to OAS Pension recipients who are resident in Canada and have little or no other income.


To qualify, you must meet all the following requirements

  1. you are receiving an OAS Pension (basic, full or partial) → you are age 65+
  2. your income (combined with your spouse, if any) is below certain limits
  3. you are resident in Canada
  4. you have lived in Canada for a minimum of 10 years since 18
    • can only receive payments outside Canada for the month of departure and up to six additional months
      • same for the Allowance
      • in contrast, OAS Pension benefits continue indefinitely if you lived in Canada for 20+ years after reaching age 18

Must reapply annually.


The benefit amount depends on marital status and income.

  • income is defined the same way as for federal income tax, with a few specific exceptions
    • the most important is the exclusion of OAS Pension income
    • so income includes any other money which you (and your spouse, if any) receive, such as earnings-related retirement pension, foreign pensions, interest, dividends, rents, wages or Workers' Compensation benefits.

Payment year runs from July to June.

Benefits increase quarterly with inflation (Jan 1, Apr 1, July 1, Oct 1)

Monthly Benefit Average (Jan 2007) Maximum (Jan 2007) Maximum Annual Net Income
Single OAS pensioner (including widowed, divorced, separated) $434.51 $620.91 $14,904
Spouse of OAS pensioner (both you and your spouse receive an OAS Pension) $272.03 $410.04 $19,728
Spouse of non-pensioner (you receive an OAS Pension but your spouse does not) $414.37 $620.91 $35,712
Spouse of Allowance recipient $342.63 $410.04 $35,712


  • single: $1 for each $2 of other monthly income
  • married: $1 for each $4 of other combined monthly income

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