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The Six Basic Fears From 70 Years Ago

Napoleon Hill identified these six basic fears in 1937.

Has much changed?

The Three Ways To Make More Money

There are three ways to make more money without winning a lottery.

Wealth Management


Financial Literacy

If we don't understand numbers, we risk financial problems

How Financial Planning Is Done

Financial planning can be done in many different ways since there's no standardized definition of the process. Anyone can call themselves a financial planner since there are no educational requirements or proof of competence. So results will vary. Some financial planners charge you and make no money from any products you buy. Some advisors prepare a plan for free and get compensated from product sales. This raises doubt about their objectivity.

Here's more about financial planning.

The Most Pressing Issue For Entrepreneurs

The answer is tax. Details to follow.


How To Pick An Advisor

Picking an advisor is very important. Do consider chemistry, credentials and generosity.

What You Like And Dislike About Your Trusted Financial Advisor

Your trusted financial advisor — generally your accountant — does some things well. In other areas, there's room for improvement. Here's what clients say. Do you feel the same?


The Top Five Insured Strategies

Would Warren Buffett "Buy-Term-and-Invest-The-Difference"?

Warren Buffett buys quality. What would he think of term insurance.

Why Life Insurance Has Unique Tax Advantages

Widows and orphans. Life insurance was developed to provide money to families upon the death of the income earner (which was usually a man in those days). Nowadays, life insurance has many other uses and can even help you while you're alive and if you have no dependents. The wealthy and their advisors use it as a component of tax planning.


An insurance policy is a promise that may extend decades. Lots could happen because of internal problems or outside factors. You can't easily switch to another insurer.


What we give makes a life. We can give things, money or time. We can get tax incentives for donations too.

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