previously called the Canadian Life & Health Insurance Compensation Corporation (CompCorp)

Assuris is a consumer protection plan established in 1990

  • nonprofit, federally incorporated
  • federally regulated life insurers must be members
  • funded by member companies, like
  • if a member insurer is unable to pay claims (insolvent), Assuris assumes the obligations to policyowners up to specified limits

Benefits Guaranteed

Visit the official website for to be sure, for examples and a brochure (PDF).

You receive the greater of the

  • 100% guarantee for benefits up to specified limits
  • the 85% guarantee for larger benefits
Type of Benefit 100% Guarantee on Benefits Up To 85% Guarantee on Benefits From
Life insurance death benefit $200,000 $235,294+
Life insurance cash value $60,000 $70,588+
RRSPs $100,000 $117,647+
RRIFs $100,000 $117,647+
Health (critical illness, travel, extended health, major medical, long term care) $60,000 $70,588+
Annuity monthly income $2,000 $2,353+
Disability monthly income $2,000 $2,353+

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